ED EXEC MAGAZINE: Bang on Trend - the fast-paced world of educational technology

In an article first published in Education Executive magazine, the market leading publication for School Business Managers, Peter Lillington, education and technology services consultant at Strictly Education, was part of a panel being asked questions about the magical and fast-paced world of educational technology. 

The panel of technology experts were asked a number of questions about new developments in the technology sphere which could impact on teaching and classroom behaviour.

The panel's view was that the next big trend in technology that will have the biggest impact on teaching was virtual reality. This could have the potential, if used correctly, to revolutionise the way children learn; imagine being able to transport a class to a medieval castle or see how red blood cells travel round the human body without having to leave the classroom!

In a similar vein, Peter believes that 3-D printing has huge potential across a wide range of subjects to help bring learning to life for children, suggesting it could be used for '...younger learners where handling physical things (e.g. artefacts from a range of cultures and periods) can enhance understanding in less familiar contexts.'

With all the developments that are coming down the line, it is important to future proof any purchases that schools make so that significant amounts of money aren't wasted on technology that becomes obsolete too quickly. Peter stresses the importance of keeping a clear vision of the benefits for pupil learning and staff teaching at the forefront of your mind. He believes that 'in this way purchases can continue to deliver tangible benefits for the extent of their functional life.'

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