Effective buying for your school

In March 2014 the Department of Education released a new publication on effective buying for your school.

The advice is non-statutory, and has been produced to provide guidance to schools about buying practices and how to achieve better value for money. It also helps recipients understand their obligations in relation to the basic rules of procurement when spending public money.

Key points include 

  • areas of spend where your school can achieve value for money
  • the basics of buying
  • organisations that provide contracts, deals and frameworks
  • links to finance, procurement, and school related information
  • provides ways to help you compare spend against other schools
  • training opportunities
  • information about buying green and environmental initiatives.

This publication has been written for school leaders, school business managers, bursars, back office staff and governing bodies in all schools.  The full document can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/advice-for-effective-buying-for-your-school

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