Managing end of year appraisals

Managing end of year appraisals

This guide has been put together by the Strictly Education HR advisory team to provide school and academy leaders with a useful aide memoire to help manage end of year appraisals and performance related pay.

All members of staff should have documented SMART performance objectives encompassing both pupil and professional development based on career stage expectations.

Personal support structures to help staff achieve their objectives must have been both communicated and made available.

Performance reviews should have taken place mid-term to check progress and ensure teachers remain on target. Notes of meetings should be kept for reference at final appraisal.

Recommended pay awards must be determined through an annual appraisal before the end of October. 

Appraisers need to communicate to members of staff the need to prepare thoroughly for their annual appraisal and bring the necessary evidence to support their position.

It is important that appraisers are briefed on the specifics and philosophy of the pay policy to ensure consistency.

Should the pay award not be accepted, both appraiser and appraisee need to be informed of the performance related pay process, the bodies involved and the appeal process.

All discussions should be open and honest with praise given where deserved, with under and over performance fairly considered.

Laying out clearly to the teacher, and for the pay committee, why the member of staff does or does not merit a pay increase, and a recommendation on what that pay increase should be, is the core output of the appraisal.

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