PAT Testing

Part II: Establishing a PAT testing routine for your school or academy

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is important to mitigate the electrical safety risks in your school environment. Having debunked some of the myths associated with PAT testing in last week’s blog, this article gives more detail about the nature and frequency of the tests.

Firstly, it is helpful to remember that every member of staff in the school can be vigilant about electrical safety by checking the appliances they frequently use on a regular basis. A visual inspection for signs of damage is all that is needed, and any suspect equipment can be removed from use and reported to the school business manager or supervisor.

Of course common sense dictates that electrical equipment is not compatible with highly dusty or wet conditions so users of the appliances need to take appropriate precautions.

If you currently do not have a PAT system in place, and are not undertaking regular formal checks of your electrical equipment, it is advisable that you begin by carrying out a combined inspection and test on all items, then follow up with further checks as shown in the table below.

Combined inspections and tests require appropriate testing equipment to be used, and the person responsible for testing needs to be able to interpret the results of the test and take the correct actions.

With suitable training this can be carried out straightforwardly by a competent member of staff.

If it is more convenient to carry out checks on all relevant equipment at the same time then it is recommended to use the shortest intervals rather than the longest to ensure maximum safety cover.

For help and guidance on any aspect of electrical safety, training and testing please contact the Strictly Education Property Support team on 0845 519 7002 or email

Establishing a PAT Test Table

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