Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave

Where a baby is due on or after 5th April 2015 mothers will have the right to volunteer to end their Maternity leave early so that the remaining leave and pay can be shared with the baby’s father or their partner as shared parental leave and pay. 

This will also apply to couples who adopt a child which is placed with them after 5th April 2015.  It will give fathers and partners the right to request more leave during the first year with their child.   

It can also be taken in discontinuous blocks which means that eligible parents will be able to request to mix work with leave within this first year and return to work between periods of leave if they want to.

To be able to take shared parental leave and/or pay the employee must give you 8 weeks’ notice of their intention to do so.  They have a right to take a maximum of 3 periods of leave unless you agree to more.  The minimum period of leave that an employee can take is 1 week.  There is a lot of detail in these new guidelines and we will be updating and reissuing more in-depth guidance on these changes.

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