What is required from a School Business Manager to create a highly effective school operating environment?

In his 2014 review NASBM Executive Director Stephen Morales stated that as schools become increasingly autonomous and accountable, they have to bear greater scrutiny while also operating with reduced funding.

This roughly translates as: ‘do more with less, prove your worth AND make no mistakes.’

Without doubt the challenges of running a school in today’s climate of austerity require a whole new type of expertise, which Mr Morales is keen to champion.

Acknowledging the crucial role of School Business Managers Mr Morales concluded: “School business management finds itself centre stage. This is a unique opportunity for SBM professionals to step up and show what an incredible impact they can have on school operations and ultimately the effectiveness of teaching and learning in schools.”

In order to pick up the pieces of education’s operational management – including budgeting, resource management, and compliance – School Business Managers need to be financially savvy, highly organised, obsessive about detail, and with an ability to see the big picture and think both strategically and tactically.

Having the support of a strong management team and governing body is vital, as well as being able to depend on robust systems and processes to take control of human resources, payroll and pensions, facilities staffing, pupil management information, and financial planning.

On top of this the continuing trend for tight control over public spending will require School Business Managers to become more entrepreneurial and community focussed, finding opportunities to work smarter with schools and businesses in their vicinity.

To make room for this kind of professional development it is even more necessary to have the nuts and bolts handled and ensure a smooth-running school engine. In this environment schools can become more efficient, effective and consistent in their results.

Strictly Education understand how demanding the role of School Business Manager (SBM) is. That’s why we provide professional finance, HR, payroll and pension, property support, technology and facilities staffing services to support SBM efforts to create a highly effective school operating environment.

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